Monday, October 24, 2011

A pathetic run down of the last three months

In Aug. we went camping with Nephi's family in Maple grove. It was a great time and we didn't leave much dirt behind because it came home on my boys and in my car.

Kanon got to join the big boy club by giving himself a black eye. Daddy got him soapy in the tub and he slipped head first into the side. OUCH

Which the eye looked great for his second birthday pictures

TWO???? I cant believe my BABY turned two. I have no idea where time has gone but its slipping by me so fast. This little bean loves trains, cars and bugging the tar out of his brother. He is still a button pushing, toilet flushing, door slamming little fetcher most days but we love him to pieces..

Last but not least I attempted family pictures yet again this year. They turned out OK for being me that took them. It gets hard running back and forth to the tripod. I got way sweaty and my hair went flat. Oh well I love the colors and love the people in them.

This eternal family of mine continues to bless my life in ways I never knew possible. My cup overfloweth on a daily basis..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This crazy Ride called LIFE

I must be bored because I just spent the last hour going through and reading alot of my old blog posts and comments. Talk about a crazy ride these past few years have been. I honestly cant believe people even read the crap I write about. LOL...
Life is such a crazy journey, every ones ride is different but as we look around it feels like we are the only ones feeling the things we do. It feels as if our ride is more bumpy, while others look care free. Its easy to look around and see the good things in every one else while we sulk in the cow paties we lay in. I am guilty of doing just this, Life has kicked me right between the eyes over and over. Or has it?? I feel like Im not looking at life with my eyes but only feeling it in my heart. I choose not to see the blessings, I choose not to see my struggles as a way of growing. It seems so much easier to be neg. and compare myself and hardships. However that is trully the opposite of true. It takes way more energy to put off neg. vibes, its draining.
This last month I unfortunatly had to attend one of my dear friends mothers funeral. The day I got a text from his sweet wife that his mother had passed I remember my blood felt cold. Like honestly someone poured ice water through my vains and it hurt my heart. I felt completly out of control, there was nothing I could do to take away that pain and it killed me. His mom had struggled through the last few years of her life. She felt alot of pain physically and emotionally, it was all she could do to get out of bed most days. In the end the pain became to much and she chose to leave this life. She left behind a loving husband, four children and their families. The amount of pain she was in I cannot comprehend, its too much to wrap my mind around. But in the last few weeks I have been able to reflect on alot of things. First of all you NEVER know whats going on in someone elses life. No matter how well you think you know people, you dont know all the details. You have no idea the struggles they have or the shoes they have walked in. It really gave me compassion for people I dont think I had before. In the weeks since her passing I have talked with my friend alot, tried to comfort him in any way I could. However its not something you get over very quickly, it takes time...
Time is good and bad. It gives us the oppurtunity to reflect, to think, to love, to hate to do whatever we choose. I know that after going to that funeral and trying to be there and watch all of the broken pieces in the family try to heal, I see that judging, assuming, and hate are all things that I dont want to be apart of. Life is so precious and you never know what can happen. Its not worth holding onto grudges, or hurt feelings. The day of the funeral I remember my friend in his talk saying "if any of you have harsh feelings toward someone, make it right. Dont wait until its too late." It was like he was talking right to me, I wasnt talking to my lil sister at the time over something way dumb. I relized that life is too short to let little things rob you of relastionships. I hope to try and be a better person, to hold my tounge and try not to watch others on the ride. My ride is different, even though the master of it is the same he knows what I can and cant handle. So I guess what Im trying to say is GET IN SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE! Look for the good in others, even if you have to look at them for a good while there is always something. Focus on the good in your own life as well and remember HE never said it would be easy, he said it would be WORTH it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A little side note

I was going back through my blog trying to find a picture of my yard when we first moved in two years ago. We wanted to see how far it has come, anywho... I noticed that I USED to get alot of comments on here, and lately I get hardly any. I guess I've become pretty lame... sad news for me. I mean who doesn't want to see comments on the things they post? What a looser LOL
However these two think Im cool, thats all that matters.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I have been in a funk for awhile. I haven't had anything nice to say and so like my mother taught me I said nothing at all. However I know that by living in my crap Ill always have a stink outlook so I have been dragging myself out of it and thought Id blog alittle today.
Nothing too exciting to blog about, I have been doing alot of training with my horse and am very happy about where Ive gotten her. She loves my kids and I love watching them with her. Sometimes I think she loves them more than me. They have been begging me for some time to come and ride so I took them this last week. We had so much fun...
Maverick could live on her back for hours. I cant wait for this summer to take him with me on some trail rides. I bought this little buddy saddle that hooks onto the back of my saddle last year and have yet to really use it. It has a back rest, a hand hold and his own set of stirrups. Pretty awsome little thing. I had to have my horse at a place that I could drop bombs next to her before I started letting Maverick ride in it.
I cant even put into words what having this horse has done for me. She is my Prozac. She helps me see the good things in life, she is my therapy. I know that as women, mothers, and wives life gets so hard at times. For me I needed something to keep me going, to fill my cup at the end of the day after Id given to everyone else. For some people that cup gets filled with scrap booking, reading, shopping, running, whatever it may be I feel its so important that you find what your "therapy" is. I was medicated for post pardum after having Kanon, and I would do it again in a second, it helped me through some tough times. However I never felt better than I did when I got off of it and starting receiving the same if not better benefit in my horse. Life is hard enough as it is, I think we all need a good pick me up from time to time.
So being funktified is not a fun place to be but I'm pulling myself out and hope to blog a little more

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday my first born son

I cant believe 4 years have gone by, you have completely changed my life. You made me a mom, something I gave up on in my life. The day you came into this world was truly unbelievable. Again, thank you for choosing me to be your mommy. Love you to the moon and back





Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 30-Your favorite song

Tears, cheers, and a few different emotions that I'm actually done with this 30 day challenge. Id say over all I really did like doing it.
My favorite song...
I have alot of favorite songs but this one has been on my mind throughout all my trials the past while. Please take a min and actually listen to this song. It might just lift you up and make you feel good.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 29-In this past month, what have you learned?

Day 29 huh, this brings a tear to my eye. Only one day left of this silly challenge.
I have learned alot in the last month, first off dont put expectations on people. People will let you down and hurt you so dont expect too much. Ive learned some more patience, as if I havent had to have enough of it the past two years. Ive learned and felt even more of my Saviors love for me

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 28-A picture of you from last year and now-how have you changed?

Not much has changed in the last year, maybe my weight up and down but what women doesn't have that happen. LOL
My family is still beautiful as ever
Last year

This year

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 27-Why you are doing this 30 day challenge

Lets face it, my blog was lacking in the love department. So I did this challenge hoping to get me back into the swing of posting. I'm glad I did it, its been kinda fun. I didn't get the response I was looking for, I thought Id get some more comments but Its all good. I'm back and I'm gonna be posting, so LOOK out

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 26-What do you think about your friends

This is a rather weird question, but here goes. I don't "think" I have great friends, I KNOW I do! I have such a variety of friends its really great. I have my High school girls that I love so dearly, its really great we are still so close after all these years. I have my ward friends that keep me grounded and I love to see on Sundays. I have my friends like Wade and Courtney that I worked with in physical therapy, you should check out their blogs. Wade is one of my faithful followers of my blog, I love seeing comments from him because I know he really reads my stuff. And I have my bestest friend Veronica that I feel I knew before this life, she is so great to me. I have so many other friends I cant even keep putting in categories. I truly am blessed

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 25-What I would find in your bag

You would find a calculator, two diapers, a wipes container, wallet, makeup, my photography cards in a cute lil case, leather men (I know I rock), my WIC packet (poor people packet), two packs of gum and a packet of hot sauce from taco time in case my son mouths off in public LOL

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 24-A letter to your parents

Dear Mom and Dad,
There really aren't words to express how much I love you or miss you. I know this family is where we are supposed to be, but my heart aches not being able to see you. You have done so much for us and we are so grateful. I also know that we have had our share of differences, I know you don't agree with my faith and I cant imagine how hard that is for you. As for me I know that pain first hand. When I made my choice to join the L.D.S church it was the greatest choice I have EVER made. It makes me the mother,wife,sister,daughter and person I am today. It makes me want to be a better person, and I feel fulfilled. I have a Heavenly Father who I know is proud of me and loves me very much. He is the center of my life and without him I don't know where I would be. So although we may not share the same faith, we do share the same love for him and that for me makes all the difference. Ive never really been able to share my testimony with you and have longed to. I know this church is true, I know that to core of my being. I know that our Prophet Thomas S. Monson was called by God to lead and guide us. I know that I will get to be with my family in eternity, and I couldn't imagine life any other way. I also know of the peace and perfection of the temple. The temple has brought so much joy and happiness to my life, the spirit of God is so strong there it cannot be denied. And although this might be hard for you to read or to except, its just me! Its how my life has changed and become fulfilled in way it never has before. Thank you for teaching me of the love of my saviour and the importance of having a relationship with him. I love you both heaps and again want to express how much I miss you. I know you aren't that far away but wish I could see you whenever I wanted. You'll probably never read this, but it felt very freeing for me to write it to you.
love you, love you, love you,
Your daughter, Shawna aka "Murry"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day's 22 and 23

Day 22-What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23-Something you crave for a lot

What makes me different from everyone else? Well I'm a different faith than my immediate family, and that's hard at times. I hate seafood, I smell everything even if its really gross like the lint between my kids toes. (I know I know its sick but I cant help it) This really is one of the dumber questions so I have no idea what else to say.

Something I crave alot would be affection. And the sucky thing is I married someone who is not overly affectionate and that's hard on me sometimes. I also CRAVE Coke(meaning Coca Cola) but that would actually be better described as an addiction

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 21-A picture of something that makes you happy

Being a mother has brought me happiness like Ive never known. These boys are always making me laugh, I love them to pieces.
Doesn't Kanon look like Simon on Alvin and the chipmunks?

Maverick got this police man kit at Walmart and this is him making his mad face posing for the camera. Are you kidding me? I cant believe these perfect beans are mine

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 20-Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future

I'm actually rather lucky, I'm married to the man of my dreams..... Wedding day Aug. 5th 2006

And I'm lucky enough to not only see him in my future but in the eternities also.. This is our sealing day picture Sept. 20th 2008

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 19-Nicknames you have and why you have them

Lets see, Um well besides the typical "babe" which Nephi calls me..... Ive been called Murry my whole life by my dad, my middle name is Marie and he's always just said Murry. Shasha is what my mama calls me, shawna bear is what my friends in high school called me, and hot pants I wont even go there LOL. Pretty lame I know by what can I say??

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day's 17 and 18

Day 17-Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18-Plans/dreams/goals you have

Someone I would like to maybe switch lives with would maybe be Brad Paisley's wife...... and the reason why would be to have to him sing me to sleep for just one night, love love love his voice. plus HELLO he's pretty handsome!!

Plans dreams or goals I have would be to be the best mom I can. I'm thinking of homeschooling and I really worry about failing my kids. My goals would be to stick with it and help them the best way I can and remember that if it doesn't work out I'm not a failure if they end up in public school. I also would like to keep my self physically well enough that I never end up in a wheel chair or with leg braces. I know that in the end I'm not really in control of those things, My C.M.T has a mind of its own. :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 16-Another picture of yourself

I'm sure by now everyone is getting sick of this blog post challenge. However my ocd and a.d.d. wont let me stop till its done. :)
This is just a random picture of me from my phone, nothing special

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 15-Put your ipod or shuffle on-first 10 songs that play

I dont have an Ipod so this day is a day off for me, Peace until tomorrow.......

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day's 12,13,14 whoops

Day 12-How you found out about blogger and why you have one
Day 13-A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14-'A picture of you and your family

Ok, I found out about blogger through my friend Jana. She was making one and so I went home and explored it and fell in love. I HATE scrap booking so this was a fun way to document my life and kids without the frilly stuff.

Day 13- Dear Brandon,(my older brother)
You really hurt my feelings this weekend. I had been waiting for you and your family to visit for two months. I had food bought, laundry washed and my house ready to house you and your little family. Instead you got a hotel and left me with your two dogs, one which is in heat and wearing a diaper. I feel like a glorified boarding house to your pooches and that has really sucked. Ive tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, I know you really needed this vacation. I just wish you knew what it was like to live away from your family and how much you long to see them. I still love you, and I loved taking your beautiful family pictures today
But p.s. Ill be charging you extra for all the nasty pads Ive been changing on your hormonal pooch!
Love Shawna

Day 14- a pic of me and my family

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 11-Another picture of you and your friends

I couldn't post another friend picture without including my little sister. She seriously is the greatest. We have had alot of fun times together, I sure have missed her while she's been away at school.

Yes we look nothing alike, and that's probably really good for her....

I love this picture of us with our grandma..

Honestly having a sister is better than a friend any day, Love your guts Sarah Sue

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 10-Songs you listen to when you're bored, happy, sad, mad, hyped

I love music so this ones kinda fun. Ill just make a little list......

Bored- Anything Bob Marley and one of my favorite songs is "Three little birds"

Happy- I love me some Brad Paisley, cant get enough of the song "ticks"

Mad or Hyped- Simple Plan "addicted" is one of my favorites

Sad- Anything that makes me feel the spirit. This is one of my favorite hymns.Please watch it, its great

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day's 8 and 9

Day 8-Short term goals for this month and when you'll accomplish them
Day 9-Something you're proud of in the past few days

I knew I would get a day behind sooner of later lol.
lets see short term goals for this month would be, 1.spend more time with my horse 2.keep my house clean while my brother is here visiting, 3. read my scriptures and say family prayers

And something I'm proud of in the past few days, I got me a new black berry phone and I LOVE IT

So this is one of the more boring challenges, sorry didn't mean to burst any bubbles lol

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 7-A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

I hope I haven't overloaded my blog with too many churchy things, however with that being said the gospel is the center of my life so its what I have to share.
Making the choice to be baptised was singlehandedly the best thing I have ever done. It lead me to the path of finding my amazing husband and was blessed with two beautiful children. These two missionaries had an impact on my life like no one ever has before, the spirit they brought with them to my home was so strong. I love them very much and am so thankful they are still a BIG part of my life.

Now this other person who I like to refer to as my adopted brother is Darren Averett. He was my boss in physical therapy for five years. He shared his testimony with me on a daily basis for four years. The day I decided to join the church I couldn't think of any one better to baptise me than him. cool thing is I got baptised in the same church and font he did when he was only 8, this picture is taken in the same spot he has a photo of himself on his baptism. Pretty cool if you ask me

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 6-Favorite super hero and why

Well although he is not your typical super hero he has changed my life and continues to do so on a daily basis

There is no greater act as selflessness as giving your life for the saving of others. I know that through the atonement I can repent of my sins and start new and fresh everyday with my Saviour. That's pretty superheroish if you ask me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 5-A picture of somewhere you've been to

I have been able to see alot of Southern Utah on from the back of this beauty.

These pictures were taken in Leeds Utah, it was nothing but sand for miles and miles.

I have a ton more photos of horse back rides but my phone is being stupid and I couldn't get the pictures off of it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 4 a habit I wish I didnt have.....

Ugh I probably have a few, one would be checking my facebook a million times a day. I don't know what I expecting to see when I check it but it has some kind of magnet pull on me lol. Another would be twisting my hair around my finger until it knots and then breaking it off, I used to do it while I sucked my thumb when I was little. I stopped the thumb sucking but the hair twirling just stuck with me.
p.s. if facebook were a woman I defiantly call her Devil women! lol

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 3 a pic of me and my friends

Well I cant just post one..........

This first picture is some of the greatest friends I have ever had. We have all been friends since high school. Jess, Tami, Tresca and Hayley. Love them so much

This is the lovely Nicole, she has been a friend since the 11th grade. Her and her family have always been such wonderful examples of the gospel and this picture was taken the day I got sealed in the St. George temple. Love you Pud

And the wonderful Courtney who was posted about in my Sunday shout out last week. This was at our lunchen after my sealing to my family.

Last but deffintley not least, my bestest friend Veronica. I met Ronnie here in Hurricane and Im lucky enough to also have her in my ward. We share the love and passion of our beautiful horses and spend ALOT of time together. I trully feel like I knew her before this life and love having her be my friend.

p.s. I never claimed to be pretty but I know Im deffintaly NOT in a few of these pictures, Im just sayin........

Now if only I actually had a picture of ALL my wonderful friends, I sadly dont. So if you are wishing you were in a picture on here with me, know that Im wishing that too.

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