Monday, November 23, 2009

A bit too long....

Its been a bit too long since I have updated this old thing. Life is crazy with two kids. However life couldn't be any better either. We are just chugging along taking every thing one day at a time. My post pardom has gotten so much better. I went to the doc and got on some medication and I have to say it saved my life. I feel so much better and can function more like myself. I think Nephi likes me better medicated, hahahahah. I feel for anyone who has struggled with post pardom, its real and it doesn't feel good. I was ashamed at first to admit that I needed help but looking back I know that was stupid because I feel so much better after reaching out. Anyway on to more fun things like the amazingly cute pictures of my little man Kanon. I took these a few weeks ago, I think they turned out great.

I also spelled my own last name wrong on this birth announcement I made. What an idiot!

All of my friends and I made matching new moon shirts and stood in line from nine at night until midnight to see New Moon. And let me tell you honey it was worth it. We had a fun time

we also had a couples New Moon dinner on Sat. night. Well Nephi is ANTI anything twilight so he stayed home with the kids and I went by myself.

These are all of my wonderful ward friends. We played an awsome New Moon game after dinner. It was alot of fun.
Well this wasnt the most in depth post but I thought it was time to put something. Until next time blogging world, enjoy this little piece of me...