Monday, September 27, 2010


So I have been reflecting on some things in my life lately and Ive concluded that I personally have alot of corks. Im corky and I dont care who knows. Don't believe me, just let me lay a few things out for you. Who knows maybe someday when I'm gone my hubby will look back at this post and miss these corky parts of me.

1. I only shave my legs once a week (thank heavens for church) or Id never shave, sorry Nephi
2. I love peanut butter and chocolate syrup on my ice cream. Add a tiny bit of milk in the bowl and your bound to get some action. wink wink just ask my hubby
3. I smell everything, good bad or disgusting I HAVE to smell things. My son has some RIPE feet.
4. I kiss my kids on the back of the neck every morning to see if they have a fever... What?? I know that's weird but your lips can tell better than your hand..
5. I clean my house in a special order... Kitchen first, living room, front room, bedrooms and ending with bathrooms. Don't mess with the order or you could get hurt.
6. I hate hate hate seafood. Id rather starve to death than eat any, its a texture thing
7. I secretly don't enjoy having people over to my house. I don't know why I go to such extremes to keep it clean and decorated cute because I don't like people being in it. I'm kind of a home body. (don't take offense to this, I love all of my friends and family I just struggle inside with it)
8. I love the smell of my horse when she is sweaty, I love to kiss all over her nose. Its better than crack (p.s. Ive never tried crack I'm just guessing)
9. Only I can put the kids car seats in the car, no one else is aloud to try. Only I cant get them tight enough.
10. I hate when Nephi just stands in the entry way and church and acts like he's lost and cant find a seat on his own. Every Sunday I have a twinge go through me that makes me want to kick him in the head for it. Love you babe.
11. I have to charge my cell phone every night, even if the battery isn't low, I'm terrified of needing it and it being dead. (And yes I know its not good on the battery but I don't care its good for my OCD)
12. I have to not watch my hubby help clean because I don't think he does it right, I usually clean up behind him when he's not looking but who's keeping track?
13. I cant listen to the radio when I'm trying to find an address, for some reason I feel anxious from the sound of it.
14. I CAN'T go to sleep at night without checking on my boys. I have to see that they are covered and not too hot or cold. Plus who doesn't like to look at their angels sleeping?
15. I fart in my sleep ALOT... Don't tell me you dont! For some reason I just let it rip when I'm sleeping, again sorry Nephi. (How do I know this if Im sleeping you ask? Ive woken myself up!) Not awsome
16. I always want to pull the emergency brake every time we park. Nephi HATES it.
Last but not least I think I look at the time on my cell phone at least a 100 times a day. I don't know why its just a habit.
So As you can see I'm just a ball of joy to be around 24/7! I think this will go down as one of the most awkward posts Ive ever posted, however I just had to get it all off my chest. I'm a nut ball that's for sure.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The joy's of having boys

Maverick has done so well with his potty training, he really just did it all by himself. I got myself all worked up and ready for a fight and it went so smoothly I have nothing to complain about. All along I have just kept encouraging him that if he continued to be a big boy he would get a big prize.........Well the prize has arrived. We are now the proud owners of Maverick's new favorite thing in the world WOODY the Hamster (of course his name is Woody my son is all about Toy Story right now). I cant believe how well he handles him and how grown up he wants to be with helping. We added Woody to his chore chart and he feeds him and helps clean his cage. He loves holding him and watching him run around in his ball. It brings back alot of memories from my childhood when I had hamsters.

The other BIG news is Kanon is finally pulling himself up onto things and cruising around the room. I caught him doing it for his first time on the baby gate and was so happy I could cry. You gotta love this face. I cant believe how big Maverick looks standing next to him.

Maverick however isnt so happy about little brother being more mobile. It means he can bug him more and he's not so hot on that idea. Look at him telling him off, He's trying to play his game and Kanon wanted to be right there with him. AWWW Brotherly Love

Friday, September 3, 2010

ummm I love peanuts

So its been awhile since I have blogged.... having a broken pinkie makes it hard to type very much. However now my splint is off and I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Kanon my sweet little baby boy finally got his first haircut. I had already cut Maverick's like five times by this age so they are so different. He will be 11 months on the 8Th, I cant believe it. His measurements as of right now are nothing short of peanut size. He is 16lbs 13oz and 27 1/2in. Almost exactly the same weight of his big brother when he was six months old. He is still just an army crawling fool, I think he can crawl but just doesn't want to. He seriously is the funniest baby and makes everyone who looks at him smile. Anyway back to his first hair cut. He was an angel sitting still to cut it. Every time I would get close to his head with the clippers he would start sucking his Binky really fast... it was so cute. I think the cut turned out darling.

Also last weekend my sweet sister in law and her hubby were able to get two little babies to foster. One is 18 months and the other is 3 months. Yes I know what you are thinking that is alot to handle and yes it is but she is so happy. We got to meet and kiss all over them (the babies) in Sigurd last weekend when we went to visit Nephi's parents. I'm sad that I'm not aloud to post pics of the babies because they are so adorable,and the happiest little farts around. Below are so pictures of my babes playing on the sweet play ground in good ole Sigurd Utah.