Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hippie lettuce

Hippie lettuce, that's the only herb I had really heard of all growing up. I know nothing about it first hand haha, but have a few friends that do. However that all changed the day I entered into the Iverson family. I was quickly swallowed in by my Dr. Quinn Medicine women mother in law Liz, and My Witch doctor sister in law A.K.A Wendy. From the day they meet you if you they will give you all the knowledge you seek about herbs, all you have to do is ask. Well for someone like myself working in health care for many years I will admit I sometimes thought the two of them might just be into smokin hippie lettuce they way they would talk about herbs. And all the siblings in the family including my husband will all sort of join in and chat testimonials even if you didn't ask. Ok Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a bit but the family truly believes in them. It didn't take me long to join into the madness. The day Nephi and I got home from our honey moon Dr. Quinn (Liz) got me started on herbs to "help" me get pregnant. Now back up about ten years and you will find me at the doc's office getting Cryo Surgery on my cervix. Why you ask, I was in the first stages of cervical cancer and they were freezing with Nytrice the cancer cells, can you say OUCH?? I wasn't sure I would ever have a baby. I was married to my first husband for almost five years and we never got pregnant so I pretty much gave up. So fast forward ten years and I have no hope at all in these herbs doing me any good. Liz pulled out her good ole Dr. Mom book and quickly came up with my make a baby concoction. I think I was taking 12 herbs in the morning and 10 at night. What herbs were they you ask? they were Wheat germ oil, hormonal changease and female reproductive formula among a few others. I had no clue the outcome of those herbs, and I believe with my whole heart those herbs worked together to help heal my girly parts from the inside out, and hello something worked I have two beautiful kids.
Another experience happened to me this summer. My horse Pretty girl got into an "altercation" with a fellow female horse in the field and got cornered and tried to jump the barb wire fence to get away. Well she failed at getting over it, DUH and sliced her neck clean open.
Yuck I know, you could stick your whole hand into it. Well I freaked! I had no money to get her to a vet number one, but num two I had a horse that wouldn't get into the trailer to get her there if I wanted to. Obviously the next part of the story is herbs right, right I found this lovely potion at IFA called Schreiners. I sprayed it in her neck twice a day for one month and it healed from the inside out, with no scar.

The funny thing is, Now I have become one of these witch doctor types that totally believes in herbs. And you know what........... I'm proud of it. These are only two stories that have built up my joining in this club I could type alot more. Why did I post this? I'm not quite sure, however maybe someday this info might come in handy for someone reading this. So Heavens yes feel free to call me with any questions, LOL I love talking about this stuff. If anything I guess this post gave a great shout out to my wonderful, kind, and caring mother in law whom I love dearly. And let us not forget my hot sister in law with five children who truly believe their mother and grandmother are doctors.