Sunday, June 21, 2009

My best friend

For fathers day we went on a little trip to Kanab Utah, to visit the Best Friends Animal sanctuary. It is a place that rescues animals and rehabilitates them. We saw a special about them on t.v. and thought it would be fun to go see. They house 500 dogs and 800 cats. Not including all the other crazy animals they have. Michael Vicks 20 pitbulls they took from his fighting ring are being rehabbed there too. Anyway, we didn't know you had to schedule a tour to see the dogs and cats close up so we just ended up taking the short tour on a van to see some of the place.

Waiting for the tour van, man we look good. LOL

Maverick loves to hug animals. This is the cutest pic of him hugging this bird statue.

I love this picture, not only is my hubby a hottie but he's holding my pride and joy

I'm so blessed to have Nephi in my life. He is everything I have ever wanted and more in a husband and daddy. He puts up with so much from me, being pregnant and all.(we wont go there) I'm thankful for the priesthood that he carries and the way it blesses our home. He is my BEST FREIND, My hunk of burning love, My night in shining armor and I hope that he had a great fathers day. I love you babe, thanks for everything you do for us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A week of fun...

Maverick and I really needed a break from everyday life and wanted to go and do some playin. So we packed up and left sunny Hurricane and went to my parents in Santaquin. (where it rained on us all week) We sure enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. Although I didnt get pictures with everyone we visited I loved seeing all of you.

We went and sat on Grandma's horse, Pepper Jack. I didnt know how Maverick would react, I thought he might be affraid, but NO We couldnt get him off. He's a little cowboy at heart.

We also got to go and see one of my bestest friends, Jess. Her little girl Kaitlyn and Maverick are only 4 weeks apart, its always so fun to watch them play together.

I took some really cute pics at my nephews t-ball game, GO Caden

Another one of my bestest friends, Tami went through the temple to recieve her endouments. I am so proud of her, and felt so close to her in the temple. Im so thankful for the blessings that the temple brings into our lives.

Maverick with his cousins, minus two more boys. Im sad I didnt get any pics of my little brothers boys, Maybe next time

I was able to take some family pics for my older brother Brandon and his family. It started out being a great overcast day and turned into a hurricane. I hope the few pics I got, they will like, I sure do. I loved hanging out with them, I miss my family so much and it was fun watching Maverick play with his cousins.

And last but not least, yesterday when we got home we went and picked up our puppy, Ruger. The one Maverick got for his birthday. He could not be any cuter, and Rambo makes a really good big brother. I love the pic of Ruger laying on Rambo

If I survive potty traing with this puppy while Im pregnant, it will be a miracle!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just for fun

Well I dont have any pictures to post today, Im at my parents visiting, So when I get home I will post my fun here. But I thought just for fun, Ive seen this on other blogs. I would like you, whoever you are reading my blog to post a comment on why you like to read/look at my blog. I dont care if I know you or not Im just curious to see who looks at this thing and why. I dont find myself that entertaining, but maybe some of you do. Again this is just for fun and Im honestly just curious to see who in the cyberspace world is checkin me out!