Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The cutest baby alive!!

Its been awhile since I put up new pics. My computer has issues. Anyway just thought I'd share these darling pics of Maverick. Ive been trying to get a cute one to put in his birthday invitations, and these are some I have so far.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Colbie Caillat (I love her) Came to St. George

This is my friend Kara. We went to the concert on Friday night and it was the one the best concerts ever, right up there next to Kenny Chesney
This is her, kind of blurry but she was so dang cute. She sounded awsome live!!

Fishing with Daddy

Daddy was so proud of his "fishies" Thats what Mav and I call them. I really couldnt belive how big they were so I sat Maverick by them to show the size.

Mommy and Mav just sit in the sun and watch Daddy

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More easter at Grandma and Grandpa Iverson's

This was his sad looking easter basket. What are you supposed to give a baby that doesn't eat candy yet?
He did love his new book, and this is a pic of him talking to my in-laws dog named coolie. He was telling him all about church, we had just gotten back from it.

Cute family pic. I had to include them even though I hate how I look. :)

Sportin the new indian necklace.

Easter trip to the indian reservation

This was so beautiful. We went to visit Nephi's parents who are on a mission in Arizona on an indian reservation.

This is Maverick's little braclet I bought from a cute little lady at a swap meet.

Just chillin by the fire in the middle of nowhere. He was such a good baby, we had to travel off road over an hour and he was happy the entire time