Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alot has been happening in the Iverson household. I have finished the babies nursery and I have to admit its pretty stinkin cute.Thankfully I have something like his room to keep my mind in a better place. This pregnancy has brought on a lot of unfamiliar feelings for me. My hormones have been going CrAzY!!! One day I'm happy the next I'm crying and Watch out NEPHI!! He has been my target for all my BAD mood swings. I feel like I'm going a little crazy. And to add to all that glory I fell the other day and jacked up my back and jerked my belly really good and had to rush to the doc to see if the baby was ok. THANKFULLY he is, and so am I but I am in alot of pain. I have to take it easy for the next few days which isn't easy for me. Oh wow did I just have another hormonal moment?? I really need to shape up if I'm ever going to convince Nephi to get me pregnant again, poor guy.

However through all of the changes that have come our way these last few months, I have this peace in my soul. I know that my father in aware of what we are going through at all times. I know that he doesn't let us go through more than we can handle. Thank goodness for that. I'm so grateful for all of the friends I have right now in my life. Without them, my strength might not be as great. I know that we were hand picked to be in the ward we are in and that the people we have come to love as family here are truly meant to be in our lives. I love where my life has ended up after all of the trials I have lived through. I'm so excited and scared to bring home this new little bundle of joy and start a new chapter in our lives. Ive never been so in love in my life, Nephi is my soul mate, my true best friend. Maverick is the whole reason my world turns and I cant wait to meet my little bun that is makin my oven so HOT!!! I miss not being able to blog as much, hopefully that will change soon. I'm taking Maverick's two year pictures today so maybe soon I can post them.

Chop this up to being another random post, filled with alot of random hormonal thoughts.

Friday, July 17, 2009

SO SO Lame...

Ok for all of you wondering why I haven't posted in awhile, its not because I don't have a million things to post about, or pictures. But We are struggling a little bit and have had the precious Internet turned off. Yes that's true, I had a going away party for my little friend the Internet and only get to have short visits with her while at friends houses. Its tragic. Hopefully soon we can get it back on and things will start looking up. Sad Sad day