Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A day at the park

We went to the park on Saturday and tried to play. He is still just a little so small to enjoy being there. But I always take advantage of an oppurtuity to take pics of him. Who wouldnt?

Too Cute!!!!

This is Mavericks "girl" friend Kate. He LOVES her. They are both are learning to share, but Kate's having a little harder time. :) They are only a week apart in age and its fun to watch them grow together.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trying this blog thing out

Ihave been using myspace for so long I didnt think I would like anything else but I think this will be easier for everyone to view. These are just random pics of the cutest baby alive, Maverick. I think the one of him listening to my MP3 player looks like an add in a magazine. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and realized that there was one on his toy, vain little guy. He also loves to "help" mommy fold clothes I cant help but let him with a face like that. And last but not least one of my all time favorite pics is the one of Nephi and Maverick holding remotes. Like father like son. He wants to do whatever daddy is doing. TOO CUTE!!!

The joys of feeding a baby

Maverick loves to eat. I think he also loves having his pic taken. He was eating cereal with mixed berries and banana's in it and I couldnt help but take these pics. He went into to tub afterwards. :)

A trip to the temple

We went to see the Joseph Smith movie in the visitors center at the St. George temple and after wards we took some pictures as we walked around the beautiful grounds. Even in the dead of winter the temple and the grounds around it are so awsome. We really enjoyed the movie and felt the spirit very strong. It was a fun day and Maverick enjoyed himself, if you cant tell. The last pic I thought was kind of cool, its just a tree next to the temple but I love the branches