Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The low down on the low down

So I have been MIA for awhile. I'm feeling alittle better and back to wanting to post on my life. First off in June Veronica and I got to go and see Clinton Anderson and his natural horsemanship tour. It was amazing and we learned so much. It was fun being in Vegas just us two girls and alot of crazy horse people. The ground work and tricks he is able to teach horses was so fun to watch. I think we make two hot cowgirls that's for sure. This first picture is us with Clinton and his mentor Ian. These two horses are Clinton's and they are the most amazing animals around. I had to butt in and get close to Clinton that's him on the horse behind me.

The next event that happened was Nephi had ACL surgery. He actually had it the day after I got home from Vegas. He has been doing amazing. I'm really proud of him. After working in physical therapy as long as I have I knew it wasn't going to be easy but he has worked really hard. I'm excited for him to get all the way healed and start school next month.

Now this little man has grabbed my heart and soul and ran with it. Can you even stand this face???? He is honestly the sweetest little man and he makes my life sooooo worth living.

Last but not least I know that all of you reading this probably had no idea the passion I have for horses until I started posting about it lately. However we have had horses in my family for years and I simply love them.

It has also been a dream come true to not only have a horse to call my own, but a my son who shares the love. He loves being my little cowboy and could be at my side all day.

He's also pretty darn good at riding the sheep. Gotta love his face here.

So thats the low down on the low down. I was in a little funk there for a few, but Im pulling myself out. Heavenly Father is very aware of me and my family, this I know to be true. Im grateful for the trials I am able to have the strength to get through and cant wait to see the end result of putting my shoulder to the wheel.