Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I have been in a funk for awhile. I haven't had anything nice to say and so like my mother taught me I said nothing at all. However I know that by living in my crap Ill always have a stink outlook so I have been dragging myself out of it and thought Id blog alittle today.
Nothing too exciting to blog about, I have been doing alot of training with my horse and am very happy about where Ive gotten her. She loves my kids and I love watching them with her. Sometimes I think she loves them more than me. They have been begging me for some time to come and ride so I took them this last week. We had so much fun...
Maverick could live on her back for hours. I cant wait for this summer to take him with me on some trail rides. I bought this little buddy saddle that hooks onto the back of my saddle last year and have yet to really use it. It has a back rest, a hand hold and his own set of stirrups. Pretty awsome little thing. I had to have my horse at a place that I could drop bombs next to her before I started letting Maverick ride in it.
I cant even put into words what having this horse has done for me. She is my Prozac. She helps me see the good things in life, she is my therapy. I know that as women, mothers, and wives life gets so hard at times. For me I needed something to keep me going, to fill my cup at the end of the day after Id given to everyone else. For some people that cup gets filled with scrap booking, reading, shopping, running, whatever it may be I feel its so important that you find what your "therapy" is. I was medicated for post pardum after having Kanon, and I would do it again in a second, it helped me through some tough times. However I never felt better than I did when I got off of it and starting receiving the same if not better benefit in my horse. Life is hard enough as it is, I think we all need a good pick me up from time to time.
So being funktified is not a fun place to be but I'm pulling myself out and hope to blog a little more