Monday, October 24, 2011

A pathetic run down of the last three months

In Aug. we went camping with Nephi's family in Maple grove. It was a great time and we didn't leave much dirt behind because it came home on my boys and in my car.

Kanon got to join the big boy club by giving himself a black eye. Daddy got him soapy in the tub and he slipped head first into the side. OUCH

Which the eye looked great for his second birthday pictures

TWO???? I cant believe my BABY turned two. I have no idea where time has gone but its slipping by me so fast. This little bean loves trains, cars and bugging the tar out of his brother. He is still a button pushing, toilet flushing, door slamming little fetcher most days but we love him to pieces..

Last but not least I attempted family pictures yet again this year. They turned out OK for being me that took them. It gets hard running back and forth to the tripod. I got way sweaty and my hair went flat. Oh well I love the colors and love the people in them.

This eternal family of mine continues to bless my life in ways I never knew possible. My cup overfloweth on a daily basis..