Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A little photo shoot with mommy and Mav

I cant even stand how cute he is. This was last Sunday morning right before church. He's getting so big so fast

This was just a few pics of us at the park waiting for Nephi while he ran laps. You can tell Maverick was tired

Random pics of the cutest boy alive

He loves to chill with Daddy. They love to watch basketball together.
I don't know what his obsession was with wanting to put this toy in my face but as you can tell he wasnt going to stop until he did.
This one he is diving for me

A day at the park with my girl Kate

This is Maverick's first time in a swing by himself. He loved it, you cant really tell by the pic because he was trying not to look at me. He gets sick of pictures I guess.

This one is funny of the babies. Neither one of them would look up because they were so focused on the wood chips that were in the bottom of the plane.
I guess the side view's not much better :)