Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hippie lettuce

Hippie lettuce, that's the only herb I had really heard of all growing up. I know nothing about it first hand haha, but have a few friends that do. However that all changed the day I entered into the Iverson family. I was quickly swallowed in by my Dr. Quinn Medicine women mother in law Liz, and My Witch doctor sister in law A.K.A Wendy. From the day they meet you if you they will give you all the knowledge you seek about herbs, all you have to do is ask. Well for someone like myself working in health care for many years I will admit I sometimes thought the two of them might just be into smokin hippie lettuce they way they would talk about herbs. And all the siblings in the family including my husband will all sort of join in and chat testimonials even if you didn't ask. Ok Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a bit but the family truly believes in them. It didn't take me long to join into the madness. The day Nephi and I got home from our honey moon Dr. Quinn (Liz) got me started on herbs to "help" me get pregnant. Now back up about ten years and you will find me at the doc's office getting Cryo Surgery on my cervix. Why you ask, I was in the first stages of cervical cancer and they were freezing with Nytrice the cancer cells, can you say OUCH?? I wasn't sure I would ever have a baby. I was married to my first husband for almost five years and we never got pregnant so I pretty much gave up. So fast forward ten years and I have no hope at all in these herbs doing me any good. Liz pulled out her good ole Dr. Mom book and quickly came up with my make a baby concoction. I think I was taking 12 herbs in the morning and 10 at night. What herbs were they you ask? they were Wheat germ oil, hormonal changease and female reproductive formula among a few others. I had no clue the outcome of those herbs, and I believe with my whole heart those herbs worked together to help heal my girly parts from the inside out, and hello something worked I have two beautiful kids.
Another experience happened to me this summer. My horse Pretty girl got into an "altercation" with a fellow female horse in the field and got cornered and tried to jump the barb wire fence to get away. Well she failed at getting over it, DUH and sliced her neck clean open.
Yuck I know, you could stick your whole hand into it. Well I freaked! I had no money to get her to a vet number one, but num two I had a horse that wouldn't get into the trailer to get her there if I wanted to. Obviously the next part of the story is herbs right, right I found this lovely potion at IFA called Schreiners. I sprayed it in her neck twice a day for one month and it healed from the inside out, with no scar.

The funny thing is, Now I have become one of these witch doctor types that totally believes in herbs. And you know what........... I'm proud of it. These are only two stories that have built up my joining in this club I could type alot more. Why did I post this? I'm not quite sure, however maybe someday this info might come in handy for someone reading this. So Heavens yes feel free to call me with any questions, LOL I love talking about this stuff. If anything I guess this post gave a great shout out to my wonderful, kind, and caring mother in law whom I love dearly. And let us not forget my hot sister in law with five children who truly believe their mother and grandmother are doctors.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Letter to myself

Dear Shawna,
Although some days you feel like giving up, you must remember your divine purpose in this world. Know that your father in heaven is proud of you and your choices. Understand that no matter what your body FOREVER changed when you gave birth to your beautiful babies. Look at your self and see that every stretch mark, every sagging part of your body was an intricate part in bringing those babies to this world. Look at your self and find beauty inside and out. Its there you just have to look for it. It doesn't matter how much you weigh, what color your hair is, what size your jeans you swore you would never get to, and they way your breast hang. You are important! You are here for this time and have been trusted with two perfect children who need you to find that happiness. They need you to love your self as your father in heaven loves you. Dig deep inside and find the reserve of strength that has been there waiting for you through all of these trials you are facing. Remember the way you felt the day you married Nephi. Look into his eyes and see that flame that still burns for you. Accept that things will never be the way they were when you were dating, they cant be otherwise you wouldn't get anything done because you'd spend the day wrapped up in each other. But find that balance to keep that drive there. Know that the covenants you made in the temple for yourself and Nephi are sacred and eternal. Hold tight to those covenants in this dark place where you feel alone. Families can be together forever this you know to be true. Don't dwell on the things of the past or the feelings of hurt you may have. Let go and let God, remember how that is your favorite saying. Hold true to that. See life as happy and full, live it to its fullest. You will look back on this life and see that you were a great mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. Feel those things of yourself NOW and live in the moment. The trials you now face are only but a small part of heavenly father's eternal plan for you. And for heavens sakes stop wallowing in your crap and move forward.
Love Shawna
sorry if any of you actually read this all the way through. It really is for me to remember and look back to as I continue to struggle day by day with life's challenges. Saying it all public feels very freeing to me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh how fast they grow....

I honestly don't know where this last year went, but in fact it indeed has come and gone and I now have a ONE year old. He is the cutest little bug and has the funniest personality. He really knows how to hold his own with big brother and is very vocal about what he does and doesn't want. He loves to blow bubbles and clap his hands. His words are Mama, Dada, Whats that, and a high pitch squeal that I know if I could interpret it would be a major swear word. ok ok he really wouldn't swear but he loves to tell you off.
After having Maverick's first birthday at Chuckie Cheese I learned that having a party that big for a one year old was a little overwhelming. So we down sized abit and had a little friends and family lunch at Doc's pizza buffet in Provo
The Birthday Boy

His little cake that was a waste because he didn't touch it, he doesn't like getting dirty. (having an OCD mom will do that to a kid)

He wasn't sure what to think about all the singing

At grandma and grandpa's he also took his first few step holding onto grandma's hands. Priceless

He's sportin his Dixie State shirt for daddy

Grandma got him this little riding toy and he loved it

So my kids love to drink out of this big mug. I love these pictures. Kanon is drinking water from my mug BUT Maveirck is sadly drinking daddy's Mt.Dew. Its funny how many pics I get of them doing similar things at similar ages

Monday, September 27, 2010


So I have been reflecting on some things in my life lately and Ive concluded that I personally have alot of corks. Im corky and I dont care who knows. Don't believe me, just let me lay a few things out for you. Who knows maybe someday when I'm gone my hubby will look back at this post and miss these corky parts of me.

1. I only shave my legs once a week (thank heavens for church) or Id never shave, sorry Nephi
2. I love peanut butter and chocolate syrup on my ice cream. Add a tiny bit of milk in the bowl and your bound to get some action. wink wink just ask my hubby
3. I smell everything, good bad or disgusting I HAVE to smell things. My son has some RIPE feet.
4. I kiss my kids on the back of the neck every morning to see if they have a fever... What?? I know that's weird but your lips can tell better than your hand..
5. I clean my house in a special order... Kitchen first, living room, front room, bedrooms and ending with bathrooms. Don't mess with the order or you could get hurt.
6. I hate hate hate seafood. Id rather starve to death than eat any, its a texture thing
7. I secretly don't enjoy having people over to my house. I don't know why I go to such extremes to keep it clean and decorated cute because I don't like people being in it. I'm kind of a home body. (don't take offense to this, I love all of my friends and family I just struggle inside with it)
8. I love the smell of my horse when she is sweaty, I love to kiss all over her nose. Its better than crack (p.s. Ive never tried crack I'm just guessing)
9. Only I can put the kids car seats in the car, no one else is aloud to try. Only I cant get them tight enough.
10. I hate when Nephi just stands in the entry way and church and acts like he's lost and cant find a seat on his own. Every Sunday I have a twinge go through me that makes me want to kick him in the head for it. Love you babe.
11. I have to charge my cell phone every night, even if the battery isn't low, I'm terrified of needing it and it being dead. (And yes I know its not good on the battery but I don't care its good for my OCD)
12. I have to not watch my hubby help clean because I don't think he does it right, I usually clean up behind him when he's not looking but who's keeping track?
13. I cant listen to the radio when I'm trying to find an address, for some reason I feel anxious from the sound of it.
14. I CAN'T go to sleep at night without checking on my boys. I have to see that they are covered and not too hot or cold. Plus who doesn't like to look at their angels sleeping?
15. I fart in my sleep ALOT... Don't tell me you dont! For some reason I just let it rip when I'm sleeping, again sorry Nephi. (How do I know this if Im sleeping you ask? Ive woken myself up!) Not awsome
16. I always want to pull the emergency brake every time we park. Nephi HATES it.
Last but not least I think I look at the time on my cell phone at least a 100 times a day. I don't know why its just a habit.
So As you can see I'm just a ball of joy to be around 24/7! I think this will go down as one of the most awkward posts Ive ever posted, however I just had to get it all off my chest. I'm a nut ball that's for sure.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The joy's of having boys

Maverick has done so well with his potty training, he really just did it all by himself. I got myself all worked up and ready for a fight and it went so smoothly I have nothing to complain about. All along I have just kept encouraging him that if he continued to be a big boy he would get a big prize.........Well the prize has arrived. We are now the proud owners of Maverick's new favorite thing in the world WOODY the Hamster (of course his name is Woody my son is all about Toy Story right now). I cant believe how well he handles him and how grown up he wants to be with helping. We added Woody to his chore chart and he feeds him and helps clean his cage. He loves holding him and watching him run around in his ball. It brings back alot of memories from my childhood when I had hamsters.

The other BIG news is Kanon is finally pulling himself up onto things and cruising around the room. I caught him doing it for his first time on the baby gate and was so happy I could cry. You gotta love this face. I cant believe how big Maverick looks standing next to him.

Maverick however isnt so happy about little brother being more mobile. It means he can bug him more and he's not so hot on that idea. Look at him telling him off, He's trying to play his game and Kanon wanted to be right there with him. AWWW Brotherly Love

Friday, September 3, 2010

ummm I love peanuts

So its been awhile since I have blogged.... having a broken pinkie makes it hard to type very much. However now my splint is off and I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Kanon my sweet little baby boy finally got his first haircut. I had already cut Maverick's like five times by this age so they are so different. He will be 11 months on the 8Th, I cant believe it. His measurements as of right now are nothing short of peanut size. He is 16lbs 13oz and 27 1/2in. Almost exactly the same weight of his big brother when he was six months old. He is still just an army crawling fool, I think he can crawl but just doesn't want to. He seriously is the funniest baby and makes everyone who looks at him smile. Anyway back to his first hair cut. He was an angel sitting still to cut it. Every time I would get close to his head with the clippers he would start sucking his Binky really fast... it was so cute. I think the cut turned out darling.

Also last weekend my sweet sister in law and her hubby were able to get two little babies to foster. One is 18 months and the other is 3 months. Yes I know what you are thinking that is alot to handle and yes it is but she is so happy. We got to meet and kiss all over them (the babies) in Sigurd last weekend when we went to visit Nephi's parents. I'm sad that I'm not aloud to post pics of the babies because they are so adorable,and the happiest little farts around. Below are so pictures of my babes playing on the sweet play ground in good ole Sigurd Utah.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I was sent this video in an email and it impacted and moved me in a way I cant explain. I want to be able to practise this kind of forgiveness in my life. Push pause on my music before you push play.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boys...A noise with dirt on it

Daddy built the boys a fort with some chairs and blankets. You would have thought he went to Disneyland. Give the kid a flashlight and he was content for hours.

No fort would be complete without mans best friend. The dogs loved laying in the fort, it was hilarious. I love this picture of Maverick laughing from Rambo kissing him on the arm

Wiley really is a beautiful dog, I just love this face

Lastly I am nominating myself for mother of the year award for letting him eat cereal and chips for lunch in his fort.