Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The joy's of having boys

Maverick has done so well with his potty training, he really just did it all by himself. I got myself all worked up and ready for a fight and it went so smoothly I have nothing to complain about. All along I have just kept encouraging him that if he continued to be a big boy he would get a big prize.........Well the prize has arrived. We are now the proud owners of Maverick's new favorite thing in the world WOODY the Hamster (of course his name is Woody my son is all about Toy Story right now). I cant believe how well he handles him and how grown up he wants to be with helping. We added Woody to his chore chart and he feeds him and helps clean his cage. He loves holding him and watching him run around in his ball. It brings back alot of memories from my childhood when I had hamsters.

The other BIG news is Kanon is finally pulling himself up onto things and cruising around the room. I caught him doing it for his first time on the baby gate and was so happy I could cry. You gotta love this face. I cant believe how big Maverick looks standing next to him.

Maverick however isnt so happy about little brother being more mobile. It means he can bug him more and he's not so hot on that idea. Look at him telling him off, He's trying to play his game and Kanon wanted to be right there with him. AWWW Brotherly Love


Wade The Rascal

Fun stuff. Sheesh, Mama! You are quite the parenting pro. We need to get the potty training down. We're not doing so hot.


Cute fun kids! Congrats on the potty training. Now your life will be sooo much easier, that is, until you need to go shopping, or to the park, or the library, or really anywhere for that matter. And then of course there will be the constant stress over whether or not to bring extra underwear (I would recommend yes, by the way). Other than that, congrats! easier life now!:) Oh, and Kanon looks kind of chubby in these pictures! Darling!


I can't believe how big (and adorable) your boys are - I haven't seen them forever! And look at you go with the potty training and chore chart. . . I need to get on the ball:) Call me so we can play!

Queen B

My Homegirl! I sure miss you and love you so much, I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and I hope everything is going wonderful for you! Call me sometime when you have a spare minute. BIG BIG HUGS!!!
By the way, you have THEE Cutest Boys I have EVER seen!!!!!!