Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little fishin

Yesterday was a beautiful day and the perfect chance to take Maverick fishing with his new poll the Easter bunny brought.

This is Maverick's excited thing he does, he shakes and makes his mouth look like a bird beak. Its sooooooo cute. He loved watching daddy cast his poll

This was something Nephi has waited his whole life to do, fish with his son. He loved it

"Look at me cast daddy"

No Maverick didn't catch this fish, I did. And of course no one got my picture because I'm the only one that takes pictures. And yes it was very hard for me to let him touch it, don't even worry I WASHED his hands! But I'm happy to say I'm the only one that caught a fish!

It was a great day spent as a family. Nephi thought Maverick was a little hard, but I just kept reminding him that he is a 2 year old. Enough said.


The Hone's

That looks like alot of fun. I cant wait until Haize is that age so we can take him fishing.... well we have already taken him fishing but when he can do it. I can wait though he is already growing up too fast. Haha. In a blink he will be 2


He is so adorable and growing up so fast! I know Wade is excited to be able to do things with Jericho. They are so much fun. I would like to see a picture of you sometime though, so hand over the camera once in a while k?

Wade The Rascal

Love it. And yes, I cannot wait til Jericho can walk a little bit so I can take him fishing/hiking/backpacking/biking and what not. Hope you guys are well. We miss you.


You are so darn funny! ;) I love it.
Yes, please call me (801)607-5866 cause I am a slacker. I need your address too.
BTW- I love your photography!


That looks so fun. I wish we were closer so we could do stuff together. Miss you!

Tami Haws

He's too cute, I love that bird beak of his :) I miss you guys Im most likly going to be in utah the end of May for a few weeks, and of corase we will be down there. Ill let you now so we can go do something with the kids. Love ya


so cute I can't wait to see you and your family tomarrow it will be great your little man is so cute and good job Maverick on touching the fish thats Logans and Paytons favorite part is playing with the fish