Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh how fast they grow....

I honestly don't know where this last year went, but in fact it indeed has come and gone and I now have a ONE year old. He is the cutest little bug and has the funniest personality. He really knows how to hold his own with big brother and is very vocal about what he does and doesn't want. He loves to blow bubbles and clap his hands. His words are Mama, Dada, Whats that, and a high pitch squeal that I know if I could interpret it would be a major swear word. ok ok he really wouldn't swear but he loves to tell you off.
After having Maverick's first birthday at Chuckie Cheese I learned that having a party that big for a one year old was a little overwhelming. So we down sized abit and had a little friends and family lunch at Doc's pizza buffet in Provo
The Birthday Boy

His little cake that was a waste because he didn't touch it, he doesn't like getting dirty. (having an OCD mom will do that to a kid)

He wasn't sure what to think about all the singing

At grandma and grandpa's he also took his first few step holding onto grandma's hands. Priceless

He's sportin his Dixie State shirt for daddy

Grandma got him this little riding toy and he loved it

So my kids love to drink out of this big mug. I love these pictures. Kanon is drinking water from my mug BUT Maveirck is sadly drinking daddy's Mt.Dew. Its funny how many pics I get of them doing similar things at similar ages