Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally pics of the house

So the best way I would describe my house is, RETRO. It was built in the 70's and I just think it has a lot of character. The yard is a work in progress. We just put some new seed down and covered it in cow poop. So the outside smells lovely. I love the homey feeling it has inside. I only posted a few pics because there is so much more I want to do to decorate it and it just looks plain right now. It has a front room, which I posted a pic of and a HUGE family room. The family room used to be a garage. It was converted to the family room, I didn't post a pic because its huge and boring, nothing on the walls yet. I also didn't post pics of the bathroom, because who really wants to see those. Which we have two of. And I haven't posted Maverick's room yet because lets just say its a work in progress too. We are trying to put him in a big boy bed and when we do I will decorate his room different than it is now. The babies room just has some storage in it right now, boy am I rambling.
Anyway we love love love being here. Last night marked the 5th bar-b-que we have had on our back patio and its not even the middle of April. The weather has been great and We have loved entertaining our friends and feeding them good food. I feel so blessed to finally be in a home. After what I went through in my first marriage and what Nephi did in his, we NEVER thought we would have a house this soon, if ever.

Of course Tyson has to be in the pic, and Maverick is the the doorway of the other living room

The kitchen is on the small side but I dont need more room. There is a pantry you cant see and it holds alot of stuff

Our sweet patio that is so much fun to sit on and watch my son play with the dog

And our big fenced in back yard, of course there is Tyson again. lol



Oh my goodness it's so cute! So happy for you!

The Hone's

It is way cute. Thats awesome you got into it. Ill have to come see it one of these days when we get down there again.


Hooray for pics of your new place. . . I have wanted to see it SO bad! I thought I wouldn't get to see it forever since I am a totally paranoid mother and won't take Brooke our for way longer than is probably necessary:) I want to have you take her pics btw before she gets too big - just let me know what times work best for you. Hope your morning sickness is going away. LOL

Tami Haws

I'm so happy for you guys. I have wanted to call but if I know you at all I was thinking that you were going to be unpacking and cleaning every surface in the house. :) So I wanted to give you time to get settled. It looks sooo cute as I knew it would with your cute personal touches. You know, you may call me crazy but that is my favorite part of houses is the work in progress stuff. That's why I cannot wait until warm weather so we can start our stuff too. I love it. You guys deserve it. Love you tons girl. and again I am trully so happy for you I know how long you have waited...for all you have, kids , a GOOD husband :) a house and a dog :). XOXOXO

Kristin Warburton

Wow, the house looks great. I bet you are sooo happy to have such a big house for your growing family. I do want to see more pics though!

Elise and Chad Ashby

I'm excited for you guys! A big back yard is my dream.

Wade The Rascal

Awesome. Now you will never be bored, because SOMETHING will need to be fixed or done with your house EVERYDAY, for the rest of your life. Haha. Congratulations!!!


looks great!!! I knew it would look great once you got your stuff in it. At least you don't have a house in the middle of construction. I am getting so sick of my bathroom!


Your house looks awesome! I love it! It really is great to have a place that is all your own!


Your home is lovely! I love the pic of the living room with Tyson in the bottom.
I wish you and your family many, many happy memories in this new home!


Shauna...great job decorating! It all looks so good. You sure know how to turn a house into a home!

The family

I was blog hopping and happened upon your fun family blog. I love it! So cute!