Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bath fun

With a mom who is crazy about her camera, you cant even take a bath without her bugging you for pictures. Tonight I couldn't resist taking some pics of Maverick while he was playing. I love his eyes, I always have and always will. They are amazing!

I was playing with my editing program and turned this one into an oil painting. I think it looks cool.

Just thought I would share the cutest boy in the world with you today. And girls beware these eyes will someday steal the hearts of many women! And that is one thing Im not happy about. I already feel there is NO girl good enough for my son. lol


Kristin Warburton

He is so adorable. I agree with you on the eyes!

Chandler, Ashley, and Breagan

Those pictures are too cute! I miss you guys so much! It was so good to see you at the baby shower, but it just made me wish that we lived closer to each other! Hope everything is going good! LOVE YOU GUYS!


He really is very cute! He reminds me a lot of my little Wade. That last picture of Mav's eyes looks like it could be Wade. Kinda Funny! I've always thought this. We can both have cute boys huh!


He is way cute! I feel the same way about my son's eyes. They are so big and brown. I wonder what girl will finally be good enough for him! JK!

Scott, Fia, and Tre

Ha ha ha! So true about no one being good enough for your little one...I feel the same even though he can be quite the monster!

John, Summer, and Makenna Lynn Larsen

I was looking at class of 99 blog and came upon you blog I jsut thought I would say hi! I am so happy for you, and your little boy is adorable. This is Summer!!!