Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 7 of the Love Dare

Day 7  Love believes in the best

[Love] believes all things, hopes all
—1 Corinthians 13:7

Dare: For today’s dare, get two sheets of paper.
On the first one, spend a few minutes
writing out positive things about your
spouse. Then do the same with negative
things on the second sheet. Place both
sheets in a secret place for another day.
There is a different purpose and plan for
each. At some point during the
remainder of the day, pick a positive
attribute from the first list and thank
your spouse for having this characteristic.

It wasn't hard for me to tell Nephi I'm thankful for how hard he works. That is one of his greatest qualities. I was able to slip that into our conversation today, and he followed it with an "um ok, thanks" lol  before this dare I must really have been a wench, he has a hard time figuring out why I'm trying to be so nice lol. He also doesn't except compliments very well.. I'm anxious to see what I'm going to be doing with these list of pos. and neg. things. I will say I had an easier time writing down the neg. which I think is to be expected since I'm doing the Love Dare to make a luke warm relationship better. I however really looked over the list of positive and I really married my dream guy. He is so great and I have failed to see alot of those everyday qualities some women would kill to have in a husband.



I love this Love Dare..
Being on a second marriage..
When I get mad at My Husband..
I make myself think of 10 or if I am really mad..20 good things about
him..It has helped me realize that
no matter what..mad or not
He is a Great Guy and that is why
I am with him..
He just is not a Perfect person
any more than I am..
What a relief..! HA HA