Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My cup overfloweth

As I reflect on Mothers day and actually being a mother my heart is so full. Maverick has totally changed me. I cant even recall life without him. The joy and comfort a child brings into your life is like nothing ever felt. I often think of my sweet friends who have adopted children and realize that it doesnt matter how you became a mom, its how the child makes you one. Its in the way they make you feel whole and Heavenly fathers way of telling you he's proud of you, what a gift.

I used to really be into writing alot of poems but I havent written much lately, Actually not even one since Maverick was born. However its not something I sit and make up, I write them as they come to me. Soooooo I want to share a poem I wrote to my whole little world, Maverick!


Who would I be without you? Where would my life be now?
I know I could be happy, I know I could feel love, but how?

Your smile lights the room, Your laugh it feels my soul.
I have never in my life felt my heart be so whole.

You are the reason I get up in the morning, the reason I get out of bed
The reason that these happy thoughts, bounce around my head.

A gift from my father in heaven, a true blessing unto me.
When you look into my eyes tell me what you see.

I hope you see my love for you, I hope you see my smile.
I hope you always how know you make my life worth while.

Thank you for the smiles, thank you for the tears, You are worth
every second, even all my fears.

I love you my little Maverick

Anyway I also wanted to share some of the cutest kid alive AGAIN. I took these at dinner tonight while sitting on the patio.

Look at those lips........SOOOOO cute.
I hope that all of you had a wonderful mother's day and feel the same blessing as I do of being a mother


Wade The Rascal

You're amazing. I had no idea you had this talent.


so sweet that was amazing you are such a wounderful mother and a friend you have so much to offer I hope you had a very happy mothers day luv ya


You are so cute...I feel like such an inattentive mom after I read that. Mother's Day flew by and I didn't even have one sentemental thought. Oh well.