Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

Saturday was Maverick's 2nd birthday. We had a CARS party with some of Mav's little friends. I was so happy that my parents were able to come and visit spending the whole weekend with us. Last year like any new mom, I went WAY overboard on his birthday. I overstimulated him and he didnt have a very good time. This year I tried to be better and just have a few people and I think it turned out really nice.

Tryin so hard to blow out the candles........

Whoops I touched the flame, OUCH

And this is a tired 2 year old who had enough partying for one day

DONT ask me why I bought a transformer pinata instead of CARS, I almost punced a women in the face at Walmart over that one, but Im working through it. LOL

I made a little DVD of Maverick over the last year, starting from his last birthday. I cant believe how much he has grown. I think everyone enjoyed watching it

The other part of his birthday is the new puppy that will be coming home the first of June. BUT we couldnt wait so we got this great, overweight winer dog. His name is Rambo. He is supposed to weigh about 12 pounds but this chucky monkey weighs 25 pounds. We got him from a little old lady who's husband just pasted away and she couldnt take him with her where she was moving. He was free and the best little dog ever.

I can only hope that his laid back personality will help train the new puppy. He's quite the little, ok BIG stud


Tami Haws

It looks like the kids had a great time, I have a shirt for Mav for his bday I'm sorry I havent mailed it yet. I will hopefully soon.

Clark Family

Looks like it was fun!


how sad I wish I lived closer but it looks like he had a great b-day wow 2 it goes by fast your dog is cute we get our new puppy on monday we are all so excited us women with baby's getting puppies why not right well tell mav I said happy birthday love ya


It looks like you had a good time. I wish we could have been there. I am glad your parents got to come, I know that meant a lot to you.

Sheree and Nate

hahaha! I love your weenie doggie! His ears look velvety soft like my doggie's, lol!


I can't believe he is 2 already. Dylan will be 1 next week. Can you believe it? When do you find out what you are having?


Wow-you have a 2 year old!! I remember when you found out you were preggo with him and taking you to Arby's for curly fries!! ;) He's still cute as ever! Happy Birthday Maverick!!!

(P.S. I know what it's like to have a Cars obsessed son! I love it!!)


Happy late B-day Maverick!!! It looks like his party was a lot of fun!!! I over did it on Eliza's last years b-day party too, this year we just had a little family party.