Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He's getting so big

So finally after weeks of talking myself out of it, I put Maverick in a big boy bed. Nephi and I spent some time putting it together, all leading up to the big finish of me crying like a five year old when he laid in it.

We went with the CARS theme because Maverick is really obsessed with it. I really cant believe how well he handled the change. Again it was me who cried when he got into it, not him. I try to look into the future and see that I have a little baby on the way and that he really does have to grow up someday, even if I hate it. He is such a wonderful little boy and really is the center of our lives. I am trying to look forward to the changes instead of kicking and screaming about them coming. I guess he's been ready for the bed for quite some time now, I just had to give in.



Good job mommy it will be ok I'm so glad that Maverivk did so good I am not looking forward to that day I don't even want Gunner to roll over I think its worse with this on because I no its my last so enjoy every second with them because before you no it they don't need you and let me tell you that is heart wrenching love ya girl good job.


See.. The cars theme turned out so cute!! Not cheesy at all and I love the bed!! Good job mama

the mama hood

They grow too fast! I love the cars theme, my boys love cars!!! Congrats on your pregnancy!! I am so excited for your little fam!


You are so cute! They do grow fast! Your new baby will make Maverick seem huge.