Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok Ok.........

So Im alittle behind on updating about the greatest day of my life. Ive been waiting to get some pics to post but I thought I'd share how it went. It was amazing. I really hope that I can forever in my mind keep the image of little Maverick in all white coming to us in the temple. Simply PRICELESS! I never thought I could love my little family more than I already do but after Sat. its starting all over again. I had one the missionaries that taught me before and after I got baptised fly all the way from ALASKA just for the sealing. I was overjoyed I hadnt seen him in 3 and half years. He got to stay with us for a few days and I cried like a baby when he left. Cant wait to go visit him this next year. I also was overwhelmed with love and support from all of my friends and Nephi's family that came to support us. Thank you to all of you for being there. "My cup overfloweth"
And just as a little treat for everyone and a little glimse into the future I thought I would share this Awsome pic of Maverick on the morning of our sealing. He's wearing grandpa's tag, who is serving on the indian reservation. Thanks also to them for leaving the Mission just for this.


the mama hood

HOW WONDERFUL! Oh girl take your time, it's a lot to take in because it's just so amazing! For us it was a 6 year wait, but oh so worth it!
I know I don't know ya personally but what can I say I am so happy for your little family, the whole room must have bawled like our fam did! Have a wonderful day! I better go to sleep! lol!


Congrats!! I am so excited for you. You have come along ways and I am proud of you!! Maverick is too cute.
I always see Keith at my softball games and he always says that he loves you and Maverick. He is such a good kid. His girlfriend is darling. Hopefully they stay together. It is time for him to get married. Maybe he will be a better husband than his brother!:)
Anyways, Congrats!!


Congratulations! I'm sure it was a pretty amazing experience and I am so happy for you and your cute family!


Congratulations you guys! What a wonderful experience. I'm so glad it was a perfect day for you.

We do because we Mexi-Can!

Oh, that is so awesome! I so wish that I could have been there! I am so amazed by you, and how you have handled all that you have been through. Your husband and son are so blessed to have you. What a beautiful story, and such a great picture of your handsome little man!


That pic is darling. We had such a good time. Micah was so glad that he got to spend time with you and I wish we could have stayed longer too. If my mom hadn't offered to buy some clothes for Maisie we wouldn't have left but we need the help right now. Anyway, we love you guys.



i really don't know what else to write, other than you deserve the best that life has to offer, and i am SO happy that you have found it

love you!

Tami Haws

I'm sorry you were sad but we'll have more times to all be together. Just think how lucky we are to even have all of us still friends. I love and miss you all the time.


What a wonderful day! I am so happy for you. It's such a blessing to know you will be with your little family forever. Congratulations!

Jared, Dana, Ava, and Dylan

Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys, wish we could have been there. Super cute picture as always of Maverick! Such a handsome boy.