Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Please Help Me....

Mac and cheese is taking over my life. I really would love some ideas from all of my mommy friends on healthier lunch options for my little monkey. I feel guilty giving him mac and cheese but he loves it. It's homemade which helps me alittle but give me a break. :)

And by the look on this face you can tell how much he loves it.



He is sooo cute! I feel the same way. I think Maisie is getting tired of cheese sandwiches and applesauce:)


Hey, of course I remember you. I was just thinking of you the other day when I came across a CD that you and Darren made of your favorite Kenny Chesney songs. Congrats on the sealing. We were just sealed last Saturday and what a wonderful experience it was. I haven't posted on it yet since I haven't gotten my pictures back from Darren.
Thanks for wanting to help out. Just go to or click the HERE on my post. Click Join online now, and follow the steps. Thanks so much and let me know if you need any help. Please keep in touch it was really great to hear from you.

Tami Haws

I know how you feel. I saute tofu with a little low sodium soy sauce and he eats this like crazy. I put veggies in with it too. Or add chicken. Maddox loves pizza sandwhiches. Spagettii sauce on bread with cheese or what ever he likes. Then grill it like a grill cheese. You can also get a bag of cheese ravioli at walmart he loves those to. I always have veggies or fruit to go with everything. When I make dinners like casseroles and things like that I put a small amount in a small tupperware and put in the freezer so I always have differant things on hand for him at lunch. He also loves rice and veggies its messy but you can make little rice balls to help with the mess. sticky rice is best. I also have a yummy recipe for meatloaf that is supper tender that he loves and it freezes great Hope that helps. Ill send more if you need more ideas later love ya I'm trying to hurry sorry about the spelling


Hey at least that mac n cheese looks homemade! I use the Easy Mac packets. Allyssa has started telling me she wants the "good macaroni" out of the box. (pathetic, I know) Sorry can't offer any other options except hot dogs! AGH!


All I know is that I'm going to be in big trouble when it comes time to feed my little man real food. Poor Wade doesn't even get real food. He gets frozen burritos - EVERY DAY! I seriously need some homemaking skills!!!

Elise and Chad Ashby

Sorry I don't have any great food ideas for you. I'm not much for cooking..yet anyways. Chad and Kay both say hi and are excited that you're doing good. Your little boy is a doll!

Meet The Robinson's

Hey Shawna!
Congrats on the Sealing! What a cool thing- I'm so gald your doing so great. Your little boy- Oh what a little heart throb. Well keep in touch! Later Girly!!


Mac and Cheese is great!!! Carson and ellie love it!! Hey, what is Nie Nie????


Lunch is my hardest thing. I make a really good breakfast and a really big dinner, but for lunch my kiddies get PB and J, or mac and cheese, and they love frozen pizzas (did I just admit I give them frozen pizzas??) but I do always give them a fruit with it =)
I didn't know that you went to HS with Nie Nie. That story just got to me. I found it through your blog. I want to do something... I am thinking about making aprons and selling them (because I read that she loves aprons and I have been wanting to make gives me a good excuse.)