Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun luau and a funny little Maverick on the side

This is my friend Veronica, we went to a luau with our little families. It was way fun

This is Shano and Alasana her husband and son.
This is me doing a dance they made me get up and try, I did pretty good I guess

So I couldn't find Maverick anywhere. I should have known that he was quiet so he must have been into something Like BABY POWDER. I had to decide whether to be mad or laugh, so I got the camera and decided to laugh

This is a video of me doing the dance. You'll have to push mute on my music to hear it



hey girl,
its me sandra! you look so happy and you have a kid! cRaZY! he is super cute too! to bad you live so dang far away...what in the heck does nephi do so that you guys have to live out there? AnYwAYs, i am glad you are on here so that we can keep in touch!

We do because we Mexi-Can!

How cool! Looks like you rocked out that dance, baby!! =) You look so pretty! Is that baby powder that Maverick got into? That is so funny, he painted his whole face perfectly. Just little eyes peering from his white face. Ha ha.


how crazy is that-that you and nicole end up living so close? sounds like nicole loves it down there too...i don't know if i could handle the heat, i need snow!
what is going on with me...hummm today i went to the dentist-hate it! i swear i blacked out like two times cause of the noise of the drill, the smell of burning teeth, and the sound of grinding! i rather go through child birth than go to the dentist! i have finals this week than i am done with school-YA! well technically i have one more class but in my mind i am already checked out! i have a list of things i need to do and haven't because of school-can't wait to just to my thing! my son carsen is going to 1st grade this year, kinda nervous about that-and what else...what about are things?

Jared, Dana, Ava, and Dylan

Those are some great pictures of you. You look so pretty!

Suzy Q

WOW! HI! I am so glad that you found me!! I have thought about you a lot! You look so happy! I am SO glad! Cute, Cute little boy! Aren't they the best thing EVER! WOW! Life takes us on quite the ride, huh?

I would love to get together sometime. Let me know when you are around and we can do lunch! Thanks for getting in touch!


Shawna dear, I'm so glad you found me! I am excited about your cute family, definately an upgrade;)


hello! you forgot to mention that you were getting sealed, kinda a big deal! how exciting! nothing will compare!!!! how awesome!

We do because we Mexi-Can!

I just read that you have a sealing date!!!! That is so great! (What an understatement!!) I'm so happy for you!


Looks like you guys had a fun night!!! I love those, the food is always so yummy! Just be thankful that Maverick only got into the baby powder, it could have been a lot worse! You can always tell when they are getting into something they should'n't because they are so quite!



Congrats on the Temple date! That's awesome and I'm so happy for you! And thanks for putting my name in the temple, that means a lot to me. I am on bedrest with medication for the next two weeks then it's another check up. I'm totally freaked out and just praying that we can make it as far as possible. It's way too early. It's a little stressful to know I won't be working, but I know it will all work out in the end.

Thanks again! I'll keep you updated!


Have I told you that I miss you too dang much!?!?! It was really good to see you the other day! Call me when you come again and we'll have to have lunch and hang out like old times!! Making fun of all the people at burger king!! hehe!!!