Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is my friends little boy. She took him in to the doc for a commom cold. The doc asked her if he was allergic to anything and she said no but that she was. She told him she a severe allergies to any type of "cillins". Not listening to her he still went ahead and gave him Amoxicillin. The commom one they give to every child who even has a small cold. Well you can see what happend. :(

These pics are only two day apart and this is how bad he has gotten.

After two trips to the instacare with no help, They had to take him to the E.R. this morning for swelling and breathing problems.

Even though everything is going to turn out fine for this poor little baby, I wanted every one to be aware of the risks you can incounter from common antibiotics. Always listen to your motherly instincts and go with what you feel.



That poor little guy. My heart just breaks the sight of those pictures. Thanks for the warning. You ALWAYS have to trust your instincts if they feel more right.

Micah, Caitie, Maisie

I am allergic to "cillins" to and there is no way I will let Maisie have them after seeing that. Yikes, that's horrible. I feel so sorry for him. Doctors are so insensitive to babies sometimes. I hate it. Babies have feelings to!


Oh my Gosh!!!! I can't believe that! The poor little guy! I am glad that they figured out the problem and have stopped it!! Someone needs to say something to the other Doctor. He needs to be more careful!


That breaks my heart...
Doctors are such jerks sometimes!!

M to the E to the R to the I

Hi Shauna! Of course I remember you! Thanks for saying hi! Your little guy is SO cute! Congrats on getting sealed, that is way awesome. That is SO sad what happened to your friends kid! MALPRACTICE!!!

We do because we Mexi-Can!

Oh my gosh, that is so sad! That looks just miserable!