Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life in the heat means swim, swim, swim. And a little something about Nephi :)

Father's day. What can I say about Nephi as a father. He is the most loving kind and paitent daddy. Maverick is his whole world. They are buddies and I dont think Nephi has ever been happier. I love the both of them and dont know where my life would be without them.
Dont ask me why I had my camera at church, but this is so cute of him looking at the song book waiting for daddy to finish teaching sunday school.
After church yesterday we went to the park. Daddy wanted to just relax and since it was his day thats what we did.

Nephi had so much fun with Maverick at this park. It was like 104 this day but you wouldnt know it. These boys are like little fish, I cant keep them out of the water.
He loves his daddy

This was at a really cool little water park in St. George. I went with my friend Nicole and her two kids. Maverick of course had no fear and was standing right where the water could just spray him in the face.
This is Nicole's little girl Elle. Maverick loves her but she's not sure what she thinks of him yet.

This is a new little pool my friend Tresca got Maverick for his birthday. He loves it because he can get in and out of it on his own, Which is so Maverick. Mr. independent.
I know these little swim hats he has on are a little corny, but the totally protect his ears and face from the sun. :)
A little ring toss action, and he was pretty good. :)
This face is typical, mom are you done taking pics yet?



these pictures are so cute! looks like he just loves the water. i'm glad he's enjoying the pool, Milo has one just like it....although he's not quite sure about it yet!



Those pictures are so cute! Your little guys is adorable! I'm glad you and Nicole get to hang out! I miss her!

We do because we Mexi-Can!

Summers are the best! What a total cutie he is.


Looks like you are having a great summer! He is adorable and he looks like he keeps you busy! Sorry we didn't call you about finally finding out we were having a boy! We are so excited though and mostly pretty darned happy that he looks healthy!!


I love playing in the water. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.