Monday, October 1, 2012

Things are gettin real

This journey to loving myself has been easier than I thought. It honestly just took freeing my mind of garbage and eating better. I may not be tiny like I was in high school but I am beginning to see myself as beautiful again. I am looking at the "flaws" on my body as just what they are, the marks that remind me that I am a mother. That I gave birth to the biggest blessings in my life. I am more aware of my surroundings, of what I eat and what I say. I know that having a disease like muscular dystrophy doesnt sound like a blessing, but I am starting to view it as one. It has taught me to love myself without being perfect, its helped me to see my inner strength. Without it who knows I might have never cared enough to do something to better myself. It keeps me humble and reminds me that I have a lot to work on. Helps me see others in a different light and have compassion.
The weirdest thing that has happened, is I am getting checked out.... Yes me, by guys all over the place. Not because Im skinny or hot but because I think I am letting off the sense of love and confidence I have found in my self. That or I have been dressing more like a girl instead of hiding in my husbands basketball shorts and tshirts.