Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To blog or not to blog

Im think I might be ready to quit this blog. Although its hard to say it out loud, I feel I havent had very many interesting things to blog about. Im not sure if people are looking at it, and Im not sure if I really will be able to print this all off later to make a book or not. So I want to do a test. IF You read this blog and think that I from time to time have something interesting you like to read and you would be sad to watch it go..please leave a comment saying so. If you think its a good idea for me to stop (which you're probably right) Please also leave a comment saying so. This should be interesting......................



I love reading your blog! I would be sad if you stopped blogging, but I understand if you feel you need to stop. Whatever you decide, I'm happy to have gotten the opportunity to "meet" you through the world wide web!


You need to keep blogging. I have nothing interesting to say either, but I think ready all the non-interesting things too, so keep it up!!


Wow, I need to spell check before hitting send. I meant I LIKE TO READ all the non-interesting things too. Also, this is the only way I can really see what has been going on in your life.

The Hone's

I always read your new blog updates. I know how you feel though. I hardly ever update mine and then when I do I wonder if anyone pays any attention or if its worth it. Do whatever you feel is right.


Shawna...don't quit the blog. You may not realize it now but in a few years you will look back on these posts that right now seem meaningless and they will be a huge blessing in your life. I love looking back on posts from years past that at the time seemed so dumb and now they remind me of my life two, three, four years ago. A blog is a family journal and such a wonderful thing for your family to have.

Clark Family

I never blog for anyone else. I am sure many find it boring to read my posts because I truly type them for my own "journals" sake. Blogging is a personal thing and but I feel that it is a great way to keep my journal of family events and look back and smile. Your kids will too.

Tami Haws

Your so funny, you know people look at your blog, you don't need people to tell you so. Most people if there anything like me they are never logged in to respond.its a great way for people that are far away to catch up too. Blogging is a fun way to express and share. if it turns into a bother then I say do what you want to. I don't post anything on my blog for anyone other then myself and to keep family/friends caught up. There will always be some slow times with nothing to post and times when you feel like you can't keep up. Your amazing as always!!!

Wade The Rascal

To blog, you fetcher. I can barely stay in touch with you as it is. Don't take away one of my only resources for checking up on one of my best far away friends. That would be a bunch of bull crap. You're not a bull crapper, are you?


I love your blog!! I say KEEP IT.. who am I though.. I havent updated since march, and I think no one really cares! hahaha

Jessica Steele

When I started a blog, I knew that I wouldn't be someone who updated it all the time nor did I ever set out to make it famous in the hopes that millions would read it. I certainly don't have tons of people that follow it. Your blog should be for you and if people read it then they are more blessed for sharing part of your life with you. I do think that even what seems little and unimportant will be those memories you will love to reflect on later down the road. So really it is up to you but I think you should do it for you and don't let others sway your decision. Love you and always will, blogger or no blogger :)


Funny. I have been thinking the same thing lately. No one even leaves comments on mine anymore so at least you have me there. It is frustrating and feels silly to be writing things for others to read when I know that no one is reading them. I gues the trick is just to pretend that you rae not writing for them but for yourself.