Thursday, March 4, 2010

My cute boys

So I have been sick now for over a week. Maverick has been sick too so the two of us have been butting heads. I havent been very patient with him and he is soooo not with me. I start getting into stinkin thinkin and remember that my two little angels were sent to me from my father in heaven. They are only mine to help bring together his plan for them and be blessed in the process. That line is very hard to remember when you are a sick, tired, and frustrated mom. I think its safe to say we all get that way from time to time. So today while Im remembering why I love being a mom I got together some pictures of my two monsters. Everyone keeps saying how much alike they look. My friend Wade put it in a very funny way, he said "they look like they were twins in Heaven and one got sent down before the other." Now since I am the mom and see them every day and know their personalities I dont see it that way. However when I put these little collages together Im starting to see what everyone is saying. They are almost exactly the same age in every picture. So see for yourself.

And this handsome guy is our newest family addition, Wiley. He is a Weimaraner, we rescued him from a very bad place. The people who owned him before paid 1200 bucks for him and we got him for FREE. SCORE.

He is the sweetest thing ever and loves being with us. He even does tricks for Maverick. He will sit,shake and lay down for him. Its great



so I think that kanon is more blond right? that means that they wouldn't be identical twins. don't worry, now you know how to tell them apart.
sooo cute kids. hope we can see you soon.

Scott, Fia, and Tre

Oh my goodness! I love your new addition :) And I can't believe how similar your cutie pa-tooties look :) They are so darling Shawna! Such gorgeous boys! I'll email my number to ya, just in case I didn't send it before :)


Kanon is getting so big! And as adorable as Maverick.

That pooch is adorable too. I love his name Wiley and the fact that you scored him for FREE.

I love hearing from you!