Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 I Suck!

So as you can tell by my blog or the lack there of I haven't been very good about posting. In my defense, I don't have the Internet at my house so going to the library isn't that convenient. Anyway so I thought Id bring life up to speed through some fun pics of whats been happening at the Iverson household.
They go as follows............
1. Just Cute pics of me and my boys on Christmas Eve
2.Baby Kanon's amazing blessing, given to him by his amazing daddy. Truly an emointal day and wonderful blessing. Grandma and grandpa Iverson came for it
3.Random pics of my cute boys
4.Maverick trying out potty training, only lasted one day. LOL Mommy realizes he and I are BOTH not ready.
5.Maverick is OBSESSED with bowling on the wi. So we took him bowling for his first time and needless to say he LOVED it.
So those are the top five things that make my life worth living. Not to mention my wonderful hubby who is currently kicking my butt with a weight set we purchased. He and I are working out together at night when the boys go to bed. The best part is ending in the shower together afterwords. LOL ok so that might have been alittle too much information.
Plans for the new year are to keep up on this dumb blog, eat better and be a great wife and Mommy. thanks for not forgetting to check my blog now and again.








Hey! Nice to see your still around girl! You look beautiful and your boys are darling. They really do look a lot alike! Hopefully we will get to see you guys soon! Take care!

The Hone's

Oh my gosh your little boys could have been twins just born at a different time with different color eyes. So cute! You look cute as always. Your baby is getting so big. They grow so fast its amazing to me. Good to get a post from ya. :)


Cute. Fun. When are you going to call me back...?;)


You crack me up! Such cute boys...makes me want one. ;)

Mike and Kerry

I love all of those adorable pics of your cute kids! You are so great and I love ya!

Jessica Steele

I can't believe how old Maverick looks sitting on the potty! Darling! That little smirk from Kanon is to die for! Keep those pics coming, sooo cute!
Love ya,


Gosh Shawna... they are perfect... so perfect :) Squeeze them for me:) love you lots.